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It is fundamental that our Children should not look like us, think like us, behave like us. Child is not a legacy. They are independent human beings. They have come to make a difference to this world as Individuals.

We elders have started feeling the right or shall I say the might to rule their lives. Burdened under the pressure of adults, becoming another them …. is so frustrating to see. Are we doing justice to their Individualities? Try the other way round. Let them be themselves, let them hold responsibility for all that they do. Let them explore and learn, experiment and Fail. Your role as an adult is to accept them, not to judge them. We are building the future of this beautiful world. And each life matters… each individual matters

Blossoms is taken up this beautiful mission to let each one be what they are and accept everyone with open arms. That is why, Blossoms’ air is refreshing and positive, and freedom floats in the atmosphere with Happy People and Happy Faces.

My sincere thanks to the Headmaster for taking up the mission of leading young minds with care, compassion and acceptance.

May Blossoms bring into this world Independent, thoughtful adults.